Missing People


Below is a list of people we cannot find. If you have any leads, please contact us with that information. Sometimes just knowing a few incidental facts can lead us (or you) to finding a classmate. We recently found Joan Austin & Maxine Underwood in this manner. Do you know a friend, relative, neighbor, or former boss of a classmate? Look this list over and let us know if you can help. Coleen Lee Fournier was recently found in Evart, Michigan.

John DeVer Carlson
Thomas Theodora Casey III
Marilyn Kay Davis
Andrea Carol Ely
John Gilmore
Linda Mae Conn (Marlatt)
Victoria Lee Madden Verberg
Frederick A. Parmalee
Mary Lou Price Neuffer
Terrance (Terry) Price Barrow
Virginia (Ginny) Louise Wilder
Sherry Ann Williams Carlson
Dick Gregory
Roberta Moffitt
Bill Schnarr
Victoria Madden Verburg
Caol Kutt Luscomb
Judie Dilday Corzine
Rosy Henkle McNaughton
Tom Price
Jim Bellingar
Diane Olson Spencer
Shirley Gilmore Nelson
Sandy Dunham Smith
Judy Pellitler Stone