Lansing landmarks in the day



Living on the South side, we all remember the Southtown theatre. It opened on October 23, 1940. Here is the ad announcing that opening.


And an old picture of the theatre

The old Starlight Drive-In

And the Crest Drive-In


A long-time fixture, the Gladmer. Since the marquee doesn't have a listing, I'm guessing it was waiting for demolition


The Strand in downtown Lansing


Lake Lansing's wooden roller coaster and dodgem cars


Moore's Park pool, where a (refundable) deposit of 10 cents got you a lock for swimming, and a guy outside with an ice cream cart tried to get that dime away when you left


Bud Kouts Chevrolet circa 1963


Inside Kouts Chevrolet with a gorgeous '57 convertible adorning the showroom floor


Al Edwards Lincoln Mercury


JW Knapp's in the 40s


The Thom McAn shoestore


Arbaugh's in the early '50s


The Capitol theatre in downtown Lansing. Judging by the cars shown, I'd say about 1956-58.


The Planter's Peanut store, a fixture that's still there


Story Oldsmobile located on Capitol Ave. in 1957


Story Olds in 1955 showing off the new police cars


University Olds on Michigan Ave. in 1962. A 1961 is shown on the left and must be part of the close out sale

McDonald's on South Cedar - Looks like the first original building


Remember Kewpee's Hamburgers in East Lansing? Their motto was:
"Hamburg, pickle on top, makes your heart go flippity-flop."


Capitol from East Michigan Ave.


Washington Ave. looking north from Wastenaw Street circa 1958


The "Old Everett," where most of us attended elementary school


Walter French Jr. High. Doesn't this look more like a prison than a school?


------------------ more photos to come ---------------------