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Updated 3/31/22




Welcome to your class of 1961 web page, and our new site, last updated on March 29, 2022. This page is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox. To make sure you are looking at the most recent page, please refresh your browser. We have moved to a new server, and a more appropriate web address, <>.

Not getting the Newsletter? Contact Donna [from panel on the left] to sign up. These newsletters have a lot of current information about classmates and are only $5 a year. Newsletters are published in April and October. Sorry for the late April newsleter this year. The folks who print our newsletter are considered a non-essential business.

We have just been informed that one of our classmates, Beverly J. Reeves Andrews, passed at the end of February, 2020. Bev was a fixture at nearly all of our reunions and will be missed.

We are also saddened to hear about the passinng of Gary Hogle in mid-May of 2020.

Fellow classmate Joe Ervin passed away recently.

We are sad to report that Helen Waterbury passed in mid August, 2020.

One of our former teachers, Mr. DeRose, passed away on April 30, 2020 at age 92.

Mike Martens died in early December from Covid-19.

We have been informed that Sandy Johnson died on October 30, 2020. His wife, our classsmate Helen Waterbury, had died two months earlier.

Classmate Carol Marker passed on November 9, 2020.

Judy Teachout Borden passed away in Texas recently.

It is with a heavy heart, and sadness, that we report our classmate George Moberg passed away July 7, 2021. George had been a fixture with our class reunion activities for many years.

Ruth Ann Ross Cheney passed in late fall of 2021. She was a '61 alum committee member for many years.

A complete list of all class members we have lost can be found on the link to the left entitled "1961 Class List & Obituaries."


Covid-19 update

We appear to be on the downward trend for new infections. Hopefully, this will continue. However, there will be new varients/mutations of this virus for the forseeable future. With all biological entities involving cell production, this is nearly always the case. More than likely, it will be with us for the rest of our lives. Soon, there will be a fourth shot (2nd booster) primaritly for those over 50 - which is all of us. Please consider getting it after determining if your general health and exposure puts you more at risk.

We need some help in locating classmates who had the most recent newsletter returned as undeliverable. If you know anybody from the list below, please ask them to contact us. Or, if you know someone who knows them, please ask that person to help provide a contact.

Do you have contact information for any of these people?

Sheila M. Thomas Heiser
Mary Lou A. Sleeper Tiedeman
Judith A. Phillips Pierson
Maxine Underwood Wainwright
David M. Castillo
Russell L. McElmurry
Richard D. Silcox
Dan B. Carpenter
Thomas C. Price 
Dorothy M. Stewart Franks
Bruce D. Smith
Kal Ryder
Colleen L. Fournier Olson
Mary J. Kramer Brown
Jerri-Lou Elya Gray
Jerry Ericks

On the left panel, You can also select links to the content pages. "Archives" are 1961 yearbook photos, teacher photos, and other photos of general interest. "E-mail addresses" are listed for those who have given us permission. "Reunions" are pictures from past reunions going back to the 45th. "1961 Class list" is a list of all members in our class. Sadly, there is also a link to classmate obituaries that we are aware of. "Juke Box" is a music player that has the top songs from every year during the 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond including some original video - plus some other neat stuff. This replaces another juke box that was getting some copyright issues. "Nostalgia" is an area to rekindle old memories; we currently have a story about JD's and links to some old Lansing landmarks. "Missing people" is a list of classmates we cannot locate. "News" is about some things going on relating to our classmates.and sadly some obituary notices. Use the "Contact Us" link to share information or ask questions. We're always in search of information pertinent to a former classmate.

I have received a bunch of archived stuff from Donna recently. I will be putting it up soon.

Have a great spring/summer! Keep your guard up and be safe.


Your Committee


All materials, pictures, addresses, documents, and graphics - unless otherwise designated as public domain - are the sole possession of the Everett High School 1961 reunion committee, and may not be used without permission. Contact Jerry Blair, webmaster for this site, with any questions.