Photos of the 58th reunion at Buddies on 7/20/2019


Ailene Smith, Sandy Maurer Griffin, Bonnie McCaige Batchelor.

L-R; Sally McBryde Peacock , Deanna Haggerty Berry, Ellen Hurshman Cole

Jackie Householder, Dick Gemalsky

Larry Surber

Jerry Mizger, Randy Stortz

Dick DeVine

Janet & George Mallison

Dave Wood, Dave Kyre

Paul & Carolyn Howe

Bev Reeves Andrews

Diane Barrett, Linda Blair, Julie Moberg

Don Barnes, Jerry Blair, George Moberg

Ellen Hurshman Cole

Donna Strayer Williams

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More pictures to follow if they become available. The ones above are not representative of all who attended, so If you have any other pictures, please send them to me.