Lansing Everett 57th Reunion photos at Buddies in Holt on May 19, 2018

Ruth Ross Cheney, Sally McBride Peacock & Allene Smith 

Bev Reeves Andrews

 Jerry Mizger & Donna Strayer Williams

Sharon Harvey Brehm 

  Jim Brehm

  George Mallison & George Moberg

  Don Barnes & Ralph Koren

 Dick Gemalsky & wife

Barb Jeffries & Bev Reeves Andrews

 Linda Blair, Linda Butts, Larry Butts

Doug Batchelor

 Linda Butts, Bonnie McCaige Batchelor

  Nelson Martens

 Diane Moore Charon

  Rudy Abood

 Sandy & Don Abood

  Diane Moore Caron & Sally McBride Peacock

 Jim & Diane Barrett

  Deanna Hagerty Berry

 Nelson Martens & Jerry Mizger

  Ellen Hurshman Cole & Ruth Ross Cheney

 George Moberg, Larry Surber, Diane Moore Caron & Donna Strayer Williams

  Allene Smith & Ellen Hurshman Cole

 Jerry Blair

  Nelson Martens

 Diane Moore Charon

  Deanna Hagerty Berry with her artwork

Jim Barrett & Don Barnes

 Deanna Hagerty Berry & Sally McBride Peacock

 Ruth Ross Cheney. She's wearing all the name badges of classmates as they left the gathering. Doesn't appear to mind the locations .....

This is the extent of the pictures we have. If you have others, please send them to me.

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