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Updated 3/7/2018



Welcome to your class of 1961 web page, and our new site, last updated on March 7, 2018. This page is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox. We have moved to a new server, and a more appropriate web address, <>.

Not getting the Newsletter? Contact Donna [from panel on the left] to sign up. Keep up on activities and news about classmates and items of interest. The cost is only $5/year. Newsletters come come out in April and October. Our latest newsletters are most voluminous in the 50 edition history - lots of information and nostalgia.

In the "Nostalgia" section, we've added some photos of old Lansing iconic pictures under the sub-title of "Landmarks in the day." I will be adding to this area going forward. Take a quick peek at it.

We lost a number of classmates in 2017. Information about this is on the NEWS section on the link to the left.

We have also become aware of the death of Margaret Tangenberg on November 12, 2013 at age 80 in Washington DC. Many of us had her for English at the old Everett while in seventh grade.

May 19, 2018 - 57th Runion:

If you missed the last (56th) reunion, we'll be having another on May 19, 2018 at Buddies in Holt from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. A flyer was sent out that had a mistake at the end saying "see you in August." Again, the correct date is May 19th.

There will be no cost to you except for adult beverages you wish to order. The committee will provide pizza, a veggie and/or a friut tray as well as soft drinks. Do consider coming, we would love to see you. We're doing this one a little earlier than usual for the following reasons: The snowbirds will be back from Florida by then, and the earlier date should minimally impact summer vacations, graduations, etc. Hopefully, this will garner a larger attendance than our last one. We had 35 last year and hope to top that. We have pictures of the 56th which can be viewed clicking "Reunion Pictures" on the left panel and selecting 56th. See you at the 57th!

On the left panel, You can also select links to the content pages. "Archives" are 1961 yearbook photos, teacher photos, and other photos of general interest. "E-mail addresses" are listed for those who have given us permission. "Juke Box" is a music player that has the top songs from every year during the 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond including some original video - plus some other neat stuff. This replaces another juke box that was getting some copyright issues. "Nostalgia" is an area to rekindle old memories; we currently have a story about JD's and links to some old Lansing landmarks. "News" is about some things going on relating to our classmates, and sadly some obituary notices. Use the "Contact Us" link to share information or ask questions. Check it out.

Have a great spring & stay well.


Your Reunion Committee


All materials, pictures, addresses, documents, and graphics - unless otherwise designated as public domain - are the sole possession of the Everett High School 1961 reunion committee, and may not be used without permission. Contact Jerry Blair, webmaster for this site, with any questions.